Sunday, July 26, 2009

Survivor Immunity Challenge

This weeks immunity challenge was to build your camp and make a LO with at least 10 basic survival needs. I needed just a few more than 10, what woman doesn't. LOL

The background paper is from Another Day in Paradise by the Ginger Bread Lady Collab. The fish and fishing pole came from The Scrapy Kat's kit The Great Outdoors. The Computer is by Jenny Cereal, a kit called Girls are Geeks. Flip flops and lipstick are from the Divalicious Blog Train. The Beach Sand and Water came from the ADSD Sunshine Train. All other camping equipment and trees are from Growing Pains -Scrapped kit called Crazy about Camping. Can you tell I was having way too much fun pulling pieces and parts from everywhere. I also added a extraction of a pic I had of a satellite dish and a solar panel. LOL

Here's my list:
1. Shelter
2. Fishing Pole to catch fish to eat.
3. Fire to cook with and ward off the chilly evenings
4. Lantern for light at night
5. Swiss arm knife- can be used for multiple things.
6. Compas to keep me from losing my camp
7. Hiking boots and flip flops, one for in the woods and the other for in the water.
8. Solar Panel for electricity to run my computer.
9. Satallite Dish so I have internet axcess to check in at Gingerscraps.
10. Computer to do layouts for Gingerscraps.
11. Toilet paper
12. Sleeping bag
13. Tin Cup to drink the water from the creek behind the trees.
14. Lipstick a girl never goes anywhere without it.

I think I can survive with this for a few weeks.

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